Aug 3, 2017


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Jun 17, 2017

Hometown (Tour) Kickoff

Road Waves @ Dunn Street Grill, 8:00PM - 12:00AM
$5.00 Cover

Last chance to catch us in Southern Ontario until Livestock Niagara (July 22nd) -

Jun 13, 2017

Road Waves Summer Tour 2017

Poster Art by Geoff Farnsworth
Follow Road Waves as they embark on their first journey out West! TOUR EVENT PAGE


- Thursday, June 22nd @ The Dunn Street Grill, Niagara Falls, ON: Event Page
- Friday, June 23rd @ The New American Pub, Sault Ste. Marie, ON: Click Here for event page

- Saturday, June 24th @ The Apollo, Thunder Bay, ON

- Wednesday, June 28th @ The Root, Lloydminster, SK

- Friday, June 30th @ FrogFest, Rocky Mountain House, AB: Event page - Tickets

- Saturday, July 1st @ Blind Beggar's Pub, Calgary, AB: Event Page - Tickets

- Wednesday, July 5th @ The Royal Grill, Nelson, BC

- Thursday, July 6th @ Grateful Fed, Kelowna, BC

- Friday, July 7th @ The Roxy, Vancouver, BC

- Saturday, July 8th @ Vault Cafe, Nanaimo, BC

- Wednesday, July 12th @ Winged Heart, Salt Springs, BC: Event page/Tickets

- Wednesday, July 19th @ The Apollo, Thunder Bay, ON

- Thursday, July 20th @ Lop Lops, Sault Ste Marie, ON

- Saturday, July 22nd @ Livestock Niagara Music Festival, Niagara Falls, ON: Event page

May 26, 2017

NEW RELEASE: 'The One / Ghastly Spirits'

We are excited to officially release this single and had a lot of fun making it -- let us know what you think! (This track will be available on Spotify and Itunes soon!)

Performed by:
Ji Sharp Yehia – Vocals/Guitar
Yo Izumita – Vocals/Bass
Don Letourneau – Organ/Synthesizer
Matt Maxwell – Vocals/Drums
Jordan Rutledge – Additional Vocals
Lyrics by Road Waves, Music by Ji Sharp Yehia

Produced, Engineered, and Mixed by Jordan Rutledge / Two Flamingos Studio, St. Catharines, ON
Photo Credit: Joe Torbett

Apr 25, 2017

Micro Tour Success!

Secret show - April 23rd

Wow - "No trouble finding good people to meet" - our first tour of any kind was a success! Thank you all so much for supporting and reciprocating the energy, there is so much more where that came from! Big ups to FRANKIE & JIMMY for the fantastic performance last night!
This Road Waves gang we have is a tight little crew! Making magic happen and we couldn't be more grateful to have people who appreciate the work we do so much -- but we wouldn't be what we are without some key people!
Big love and thanks to Livestock Niagara (Rafik Guirguis) for organizing a huge portion of the tour and sponsoring it as well as hosting the last show, Rambling Roses Jewelry for handling decorations, merch, and uplifting of spirits, Joshua Mills Zak Shewchuk for offering their vans for gear, and The Fame, Killroy, Flat 5, Zuffalo, Rose Garland and FRANKIE & JIMMY for sharing the stage with us on The High Road Micro Tour!
Forgive me if i forgot anyone im still pooped <3 Just know I appreciate you all

next up this Sunday, oh so early in the morning -- Its In The Soil!

Mar 16, 2017

The High Road - Micro Tour


Road Waves and Livestock Niagara are proud to present....


Join Road Waves on their first tour yet! 

Each show will feature a unique symphony of symbiosis as we resonate with the energy of the audience - we encourage you to add to the experience and influence the jam! 
KICK-OFF with us on 4/20 in TORONTO at the Libertarian Pub House and then travel with us as we venture onward from Friday - Sunday (SECRET SHOW*). 

*More to come regarding 'The Secret Show' ;) 


THURSDAY, APRIL 20th: TORONTO @ Libertarian Pub House
ft. Killroy & The Fame

FRIDAY, APRIL 21st: ST.CATHARINES @ Mahtay CafĂ© & Lounge
ft. Zuffalo & Flat 5
[event page being announced on April 1st!]

SATURDAY, APRIL 22nd: RIDGEWAY @ The Sanctuary - Centre for the Arts ft. Rose Garland


*Information on how to get to the SECRET SHOW will only be available at the shows listed on this tour!

SPONSORED by Livestock Niagara

Other Shows:

Oct 21, 2016

The Haunted Road

- Photo taken by Bram - 

The agents of chaos set the tone of the first night. Loki trying to steal for us the key to the gates of Valhalla. Last night, as it was, a rush of preparation to open the door... for what? for void, that old formless mother of creation that takes shape like a blank page, like empty space and all her looming potentialities, i who have always lived my life in potentialities i longed for the sweet confines of certainty, a song , a touch anything to lay down in bed and not confront what demons lay in the night, demons of failure of incompetence, shame for what? always have been one with a whip in my hand for my back. set up from a world of expectations and that being the down payment on disappointment, or bitter disappointment ... but my mom says that I added the bitterness --- "unable to destroy his invention he racked his brain" --- to try to find a use "he began to entertain the idea of locking himself in a monastery" --- so this is it, locked in the monastery with all the masks of being looking into them shadows that linger behind these eyes --- more so than the fear of failure, the fear of being untrue, of lacking real meaning and so in that way I see the way, and yet truth can be a harsh teacher, and not in the way that you've expected. perhaps all your good intentions will be rejected.

What takes place in the core is that performance is a way for us to take our minds off of the problem, to think around it and let our souls digest it, before it digests you... like the demon in this space, the grab you by the balls demon that exists among these walls from what travesty, i do not know, what sick generation of mind.... but there it lurks in the night as we dance, poets of chaos. fools of holy pursuit, cast asides in the journey of golden eternity --- that sun rising from the east, a gull flying and a petition for peace, a drop of blue gratitude at daylight and what that means to the grass, perhaps we shall all be blades of grass one day, or perhaps once when, we were.

The air is thick with exhaustion, the work of the day drum, the building, creation of a living heart, a symbol of community, to give life, to teach life at the very least, and our frame came out off kilter, not at all far away from me, in all my asymmetry. and i wonder if some doctor woulda had me sent back, torn me apart to do the job right this time. my living heart is defected, a hole in it where the blood rushes back, and so i, imperfect, son of miser and misery housewife --- but also all the reflections of light and beauty.

and say yes.

And so to dance with the demons in the wake of the full moon light, poured out intentions of being ness ripple on into the Niagara night, mother niagara a moonshot away from my blown kiss and all of this.

are you comfortable being formless? a perhaps you are, but only for a moment? are you comfortable in your skin? what if you are arab? or chinese? or hippy jihad? what if you are gay? what a terrible proposition, i could not think of a tougher fate in the annals (pun intended) of the social animals (halls). My brother yelling faggot at me with such vehemence, a common theme in social language. what if you are poor? among the lowly destitute? what if you never have hardly a chance to be the things I take for granted. God damn --- no, no damn, just God feel, and feel god in the misery, because energy is neither created nor destroyed only transformed by the words yes.

And so I try to get past my social conscious on the waves of these lads, we all do, together because we know there's something better, to touch upon the bliss of pure conscious and be harmonically surrounded by the angels of a thousand layers of sky and night, come night, come night come night, disappear into my mind --- to be confronted by the kiss of ecstasy.

 - Cpt D

Road Waves, Haunted Special, Culture Jam October 18, 2016






Sep 24, 2016

New Lineup!

Livestock 2016 Photo by Mike Sansano 

As the tide turns it is inevitable for the landscape to change, and such is true with life and relations. 

Road Waves has gone through such transitions in the form of a slight lineup change as Luke Punch moves on to other endeavours, while Yo Izumita makes his graceful re-entry ~ only this time equipped with a different sonic responsibility ~ taking on the bass guitar. 

Along with Yo returning, a new face - Don Letourneau - has entered the picture. The addition of the keyboards has added new harmonic possibilities to an already interesting adventure, so it is exciting to see where this will be taken.

 Stay tuned for more information regarding tours, new content and more! 

Jun 16, 2015

Livestock Niagara Falls 2015


Well, let me start off by saying that Rafik Guirguis of SREntertainment is one of the most hard working individuals for this music and arts community of Niagara Falls. His efforts to promote common unity and develop a stronger music scene are something to look up to as well as stand behind, and Livestock is an example of such an admirable thing. 

First off, what is Livestock? 

            "Livestock Niagara 2015 is Niagara Falls' first annual music festival showcasing some of the best new talent from the area. 18 acts in total. 2 outdoor stages. 

Located in the heart of the city, Queen St., this festival is being held as a FREE community event, open to the public!

BECOME A SPONSOR! We want to keep this event FREE because we believe that in order to build the foundations for a strong music community, and ultimately a great festival that grows over the years to come... we need to open our doors to allow the music to be as accessible as possible to the people of our community. Go to learn more!

The stage is set at this year's MAJOR SPONSOR:Taps Brewery. Taps has quickly become the local hot-spot for the Niagara Falls music community. Taps Brewery hosts live music 6 nights out of the week, show-casing numerous signed and unsigned acts. Taps Brewery has also been the home to a number of special events including the Niagara Music Awards[2014] and Niagara Metal Fest[2013]."   
Now if that isn't something to get excited about, i'm not sure what is!

When/where is Livestock happening? What are the details?

Livestock is happening on Friday, July 24th, 2015 - 2PM - 2AM -  at Taps Brewery, 4680 Queen St, Niagara Falls, ON


What bands will be playing? 



SEAN MCQUADE [Niagara Falls, ON]

                                     "BUILT BY THE COMMUNITY, FOR THE COMMUNITY."                                       






LIVESTOCK NIAGARA and BAND ON A COUCH are proud to present... 


SUN. JUNE 21st, 2015 
TAPS BREWERY | 4680 Queen St, Niagara Falls, ON

BAND ON A COUCH will be trucking out the iconic couch to put on an outdoor show (featuring 8 acts) in celebration of Livestock Niagara, Music, Craft Beer, Couches and Sundays!

"ROAD WAVES will be hosting an after party starting at 9:30pm, rockin' all night 'til close! Enjoy the full-band psychedelic experience first hand, and see why this band is quickly becoming one Niagara's best rising local acts!"